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USA Level 8

USA Level 8

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USA Level 8

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USA Level 8

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Important Team Info

SAFE SPORT TRAINING: Parents can and should take the opportunity to become familiar with Safe Sport, “Parents Guide to Misconduct in Sport”. The training is free and you can find the information at

TEAM MANUAL: The purpose of the Team Manual is to inform gymnasts and parents of the policies and requirements for participating in the College Park Tumbleweeds Gymnastics (CPTG) Girl’s Competitive Team.

TEAM TRAINING SCHEDULE: College Park Tumbleweeds 2022-2023 Team Training Schedule

COMPETITION MEET SCHEDULE: 2022-2023 College Park Tumbleweeds Competition Schedule

TEAM CALENDAR: 2022-2023 Tumbleweeds Team Calendar

ESCROW PAYMENTS: Visit the College Park Tumbleweeds Gymnastics Competitive Team Parent Portal to manage your gymnast escrow accounts

TEAM NEWS: The news page will be kept up-to-date with important team information, including home meet information, meet cancellations, etc.

Developmental Classes

Is it your dream to become a member of the College Park Tumbleweeds Competition Team? Get started by signing up for our developmental gymnastics classes.

Our coaches offer Novice, Bronze, and Silver classes, each of which prepares and advances young gymnasts through the skills necessary to eventually compete on our team.

Visit our class information page for more details.