Tumbleweed Recruitable Gymnast: Hannah Sallie, Class of 2024


Hannah Lynn Sallie

Georgia Virtual School

Graduation Year:  2024

GPA:  3.94 (unweighted)

Gymnastics Club:  College Park Tumbleweeds (404) 669-4609

NCAA Number: 2209662422

Coach: Brian Quattlebaum (678) 481-8615

Height:  5’8”

Hannah was introduced to gymnastics at the age of 18 months by her daycare teacher and was later invited to join the gymnastics team at 4 years old.  Without hesitation, gymnastics became Hannah’s favorite sport; at the same time, she was also playing golf and softball.  As Hannah continues to compete as a USAG Gymnast, she continues to compete in golf as well.

During Hannah’s gymnastics journey, she achieved Georgia’s All Around State Champion for Level 8. While competing at Level 9, she placed 1st on Vault and 2nd on Bars in the Georgia State Meet. Hannah is currently training as a Level 10 Gymnast to compete during the 2023-2024 Season. A list of the Level 10 skills she is currently training can be found below.

Hannah is intrigued by the healthcare arena and desires to become a part of the healthcare industry. She was invited to and took part in the Envision Medical Camp; while attending she was enlightened to areas of healthcare she was not aware existed. Hannah wants to work in a healthcare position that will allow her to apply her skills to increase the quality of life for all generations.

The proud parents of Hannah are Lyndon and Linda Sallie. Hannah does not have any siblings.



Front Handspring Tuck

Front Handspring Tuck ½

Tsuk Tuck 1/1


Front Toss to Back Tuck

Front Aerial

Round off 1 ½ Dismount.

Straddle Jump ¾

Split Jump ¾



Pak Salto

Toe Blind 1/1


Round off 2 ½

Round off Double Tuck