Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find class information?

General class information including class times, registration dates, class descriptions, etc. are under the “Recreational Classes” tab in the menu above.

When are gymnastics classes offered?

Gymnastics classes are offered year-round on a session basis with the exception of a few days or weeks off for holidays and/or other school breaks. Sessions typically run 8 to 10 weeks.  The class sessions are Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall I & Fall II.

How much are gymnastics classes?

Class prices vary by session depending on the session length. All prices can be found on the Class Info page (scroll down to the schedule section.) You may only attend the day and time that you have registered. Classes will not be prorated for any student. All major credit cards are accepted. All class participation requires full payment at the time of registration.

What classes are offered at the gym?

College Park Tumbleweed Recreational Program includes the following levels: Novice – Beginner (ages 6 years to 15 years); Bronze – Intermediate (ages 6 years to 15 years) Evaluation Required; and Silver – Advanced (ages 6 years to 15 years) Evaluation Required

How do I know which class to register my child for?

New participant girls ages 6-13 years should register in our Tumbleweeds Recreational Program for the Novice class regardless of any previous gymnastics experience. Returning participants should register for the same class from the previous session unless otherwise told so.

If my child is registered in classes for the current session is their spot guaranteed for the next session on the same day and time?

Class attendance in a prior session does not secure a day & time for the following session. Keep in mind all classes are first come first serve and fill up quickly so it is recommended to complete registration as soon as possible.

Is there an age limit for gymnastics class participants?

The Tumbleweeds Recreational Program is for GIRLS ONLY ages 6 to 13 years.

What should my child wear to class?

All participants should wear a leotard or athletic wear such as gym shorts, spandex with a t-shirt. Please no clothing with zippers or buttons. All hair must be pulled back and out of the participant’s face. To prevent injury, participants should not wear jewelry during class time.

Are parents allowed in the gym during class?

Due to the capacity limits of our facility as determined by the Fire Marshall, we are ONLY capable of accommodating 50 guardians of participants who need assistance going to the restroom in the bleachers in the gymnastics facility.  All gymnasts must be dropped off at the door no more than 15 minutes before their class and must remain seated on the bleachers until their classes are called to begin. Parents for this level and age group are asked to prioritize seating in the gym for participants 4 and under due to seating capacity (50). There is a designated area for spectators that would like to stay in the facility but seating there is also limited. Due to the fire code set by the Fire Marshal, no one is allowed to stand or sit in front of the exit doors or walkways. Guardians of children in the Wiggle Worms, Parent and Tot class, are considered participants and are required to take the class with their child.

If my child misses class are they able to make up that class at another time?

There is a NO MAKE UP policy for the gymnastics program. Also if classes are canceled due to any unforeseen circumstances, i.e. power outage, loss of water, or severe weather, the class will not be made up.

What is the class cancellation process?

A class may be canceled if there are less than 5 students registered. If there are not at least 5 gymnasts in a class we may ask you to change to a different day and/or time to accommodate your child. Class fees are adjusted at the time of registration for any holidays or other out days during the gymnastics session. The cost of each session has been adjusted for these missed classes.

What is the class refund policy?

There is a no-refund policy after the start date of the session. A refund may be given if a refund request is submitted in writing prior to the start date of the program or class. Refund request should be submitted to . All refund requests include a $15 Administrative Fee.

Tumbleweeds Recreational class curriculum?

There is a set curriculum each week for the Tumbleweeds Recreational Program and certain skills are required to progress within the program.  This curriculum is set in place to ensure that the gymnast gets exactly what they need, starting with basics and terminology and progressing to more difficult skills throughout the session.

How can my child get more time in the gymnastics gym?

Every Friday from 6-9 pm at the gym there is “Parent’s Night Out”. This is supervised free play where kids can explore the gymnastics equipment and work on skills at their own pace. Additional information can be found on our Parent’s Night Out page.

How do gymnasts progress from one class level to the next in the Recreational Program?

Starting from the first week we will be working on basic skills and learning terminology that are very important aspects of gymnastics. From there we will progress and introduce more difficult skills as the session goes on. With that being said punctual attendance to class each week is very crucial, not only because we will be building upon what we learned the previous week but also because the coaches will be conducting evaluations. Throughout the session, additional observations will be conducted by the Class Coordinator to determine who could possibly progress to the next level of classes. Following those evaluations and observations, the Class Coordinator will make a list based on the results of the evaluation as well as recommendations from the coaches. Lastly, the list is given to our Assistant Gymnastics Coordinator who will conduct a final evaluation and decide whether the gymnast is ready to progress to the next level or not.

Do class participants put on any performances during the sessions?

Once per year (during the Spring session) the Tumbleweed Recreational class participants put on a performance in our Tumbleweeds Olympics. Class participants are able to showcase the skills they have been learning in class.  Registration for the Tumbleweeds Olympics is not included with class session enrollment and does incur an additional fee.  Fees and information for the Tumbleweeds Olympics will be given out at the beginning of the spring session. Participation in the Tumbleweeds Olympics is recommended but is not required.

Are private gymnastics or tumbling lessons available at the gym?

Private gymnastics and tumbling lessons are available at the gym. All information can be found on our Private Lessons page. Private lessons are done as contract programs through individual coaches on their own schedule.

Are there any gymnastics camps offered?

The Summer Tumbleweeds Gymnastics Camp is open to girls ages 6 to 15 years old with no gymnastics experience required. This camp is held on a weekly basis and information will be given out during the Spring Session. Registration is handled online.

The Elite Tumbleweed Training Camp (ETTC) is strictly for competitive team training and is invite-only.

How does my child get on the competitive gymnastics team?

In order to get on the competitive team, gymnasts must first progress through the Tumbleweed Recreational Program. Once they reach the top-level class (Silver), they will be invited to train with the competitive team during team training. This is a try-out for the competitive Tumbleweed Team.

Can my child have a birthday party at the gymnastics gym?

Yes, all information in regards to birthday parties can be found on our Birthday Parties page.