Gymnastics Class Rules & Policies

Important Gym Rules

  • Participants must have an active enrollment in order to participate in any class.
  • Participants and guardians are not allowed in the gym until 15 mins prior to their registered start time.
  • Participants are not allowed on gym floor without instructor supervision.
  • All doors and walkways must be clear at all times.
  • Guardians of participants 4 & under have priority seating in the bleachers. (CAP: 50) Waiting room available for additional seating.
  • No outside seating allowed in the gym.
  • No food, gum or drinks are allowed in the facility.


All Gymnastics registrations will be taken ONLINE during designated registration dates. All class participation requires full payment. Class attendance in a prior session does not secure a day & time for the following session. Classes will not be prorated for any student. You may only attend the day and time that you have registered. All major credit cards are accepted.


A class may be cancelled if there are less than 5 students registered. If there are not 5 gymnasts in a class we may ask you to change to a different day and/or time to accommodate your child. Class fees are adjusted at the time of registration for any holidays during the gymnastics session. The cost of each session has been adjusted for these missed classes.

Make Ups

There is a NO MAKE UP policy for the gymnastics program. If classes are canceled due to any unforeseen circumstances, i.e. power outage, loss of water, or severe weather, the class will not be made up.


All participants should wear either a leotard or appropriate clothing such as spandex shorts and a t-shirt – no mid-drifts.  Please no shorts with zippers or buttons.  All hair must be pulled back and out of the participant’s face.  To prevent injury, participants should not wear jewelry during class time.


There is a NO REFUND policy after the program’s first start date.  All refund requests must be put in writing by email to the facilitator of each program 24 hours prior to the start date of the program and an administrative fee of $15 may be deducted.  If a refund request is for KiDsGyM USA, the refund request would be at the discretion of the specific program and not the City of College Park Recreation & Cultural Arts Department.


All new gymnasts must enter the program in the Novice (Beginner) gymnastics class. The process for a child to progress to the next level is through a 2-step evaluation. Placement Evaluations are done by the Assistant Gymnastics Coordinator and a recommendation must be given by the instructor for a Placement Evaluation. Evaluations will be completed the week prior to registration opening for the upcoming session. Once the evaluation is complete, parents will be notified by email if their child has been placed in a new class. Skill requirements must be met in order to be placed on the next level. Parent recommendations for evaluations are invalid.